Best Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar x Jordan FG Football Boots UK

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Best Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar x Jordan FG Black

Poison 2 generations of high help, Nike Football Boots since the release of a series of challenges,Nike Hypervenom because the first generation of products with its excellent flexibility and killer nature by professional and amateur players love, the stadium wearing a poison front player appears to be extremely deadly. When the second generation of products came, the players suddenly found that this pair of shoes more deadly, right! For your own feet!
Change the vamp did not affect the Pokers Front 2 generation of sneakers shape,Football Shoes the width of the forefoot is still suitable for non-shoes, "Tu Long-foot" player, such as Xiaobian wide-foot width of 9.5cm should be appropriate. New shoes on the feet, feeling the first generation with the poison front or there is a clear difference, after all, it is still two generations of shoes, for those who think back in the generation of NikeSkin back into a generation of poison front, Xiao Bian does not agree. Here need to focus on tips, there is no ball activity, for no change to wear shoes and not much difference.
Put on this pair of Poison Front 2.5, you can obviously feel the upper than the first generation of poison front thick, face is the same, but the upper lining Nike to do some adjustment, a slight increase in the thickness of the cushion, so do not There will be another generation of poison front vamp tear, low durability problems. New vamp is familiar with the honeycomb lines, can not feel the Sese feel when not down, reminiscent of the original generation of Poison, perhaps this is called the first generation NikeSkin regression reasons.
Hypervenom Phantom II The Neymar FG is based on the second generation of Hypervenom. The color scheme is inspired by Neymar's favorite Jordan 5 basketball shoe. The same black uppers and cement overcoats, the same heel logo, the same The number that represents "Qiao Bang Zhu" certification 23. With the "God of Basketball" belief in addition, this joint shoes even more than the average version of the king of the atmosphere.
Dynamic collar to Nike Hypervenom Phantom II NJR join the second generation of Hypervenom into the ranks of high-top soccer shoes, this breakthrough in the traditional design of low-heel soccer shoes in appearance and basketball shoes have an inexplicable association. It is worth mentioning that, Hypervenom Phantom II's dynamic collar sewn in the heel tendon Department, can effectively prevent high-heel collar grinding heel, while the relatively loose dynamic collar also let wear shoes process more smoothly. The one-piece tongue design, based on a combination of the Flykint collar and tongue, separates the upper from the shoe and reduces the shoe area to create a smooth shot area. NHypervenom Phantom II Neymar FG's NIKESkin vamp is different from the previous two generations of Hypervenom, although the same fabric, but this pair of models of the upper production process is more detailed, to further enhance the fit, coupled with Flywire and ACC technology Escort, to ensure that shoes have excellent performance in all weather. Outsole with nylon and Pebax composite materials, taking into account the service life and performance. The toe design and kick-off of the outsole on the outsole is based on a quick start and acceleration, while the round nails help the player to quickly change direction and enhance flexibility on the pitch. Scientifically distributed studs coupled with molded insoles guarantee the comfort of the shoes while wearing, while Neymar and Jumpman's joint logo printed on the insoles forces the entire pair of shoes to force MAX.
The Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar, based on the second-generation Hypervenom super-top, Nike Hypervenom Phantom only introduces the FG version and is made in Italy. The overall quality and feeling of the shoes are impeccable. They are home travel, actual collection and essential boots.