Newest 2018 Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Football Boots Sale

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Newest 2018 Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Black White Gold Football Boots Sale
Primeknit upper adidas Predator 18.1 football shoe upper contact area can be very soft to describe the fabric layer and the melt film coating is not heavy, which is actually completed Ace 16 and Ace 17 uppers correction. Wearing a Ace16 + Purecontrol partner should understand that at the time of the upper can be described as "in the three outer three", in order to make the fabric upper better shape, to prevent the extension of the hot melt coating also used a lot, although the touch Not bad, but still a bit worse than the Ace 17, not to mention the Predator 18 today.
Vamp soft and light to ensure the true feel of the touch ball,Adidas Football Boots Xiaobian in the game can be very clear feel the upper in the pass, stop the ball when the feedback, the experience of two feet touch the ball site significantly. Since it is Predator, then the upper three-dimensional knit friction stripes performance in actual combat? The three-dimensional lines in the forefoot area with CONTROLSKIN technology do work well with the ball and the ball, but without the Predator's earlier series of rubber friction strips. Can not have both fish and bear's paw, and now friction fringes and plant uppers, no longer affect the touch, but lost some functionality is inevitable. If Adidas can make three-dimensional effect on the coating, is it possible to enhance the upper control of the ball it? This may be enhanced in the next generation of Predator.
Inside and outside the mid section of the shoes is FORGED KNIT knit structure,Football Boots Sale we can see from the visual knit streaks more crude, one is to enhance the stability of this part of the shoes, another advantage is that the inside of the shoes in the auxiliary effect is obvious, especially Is the use of the arch inside the force transmission and thrust effect.
As the Predator 18.1 is a shoelace design, so the overall upper and the stability of the package in the laces with the excellent, after wearing Xiaobian throughout the game no longer have to adjust the shoes, did not appear Loose or unsafe feelings. However, this time as Adidas bold upgrade the use of upper coating to enhance the real feel of the touch, the fabric will not stretch the upper deformation, when will "loose" it takes time to verify.
First adidas Predator 18 soccer shoes modified the last, no longer use the Ace series of 11034 last changed to 11040 last, the shoes of shoes wider, higher compatibility of the foot; Second, the size of the Predator 18.1 is not partial code, Xiaobian is wearing their own conventional size JP270. Because you have not tried Predator 18+ yet, it's not yet possible to tell if there is no shoe size.
More wide shoe, softer upper course, Adidas Predator FG more comfortable to wear, Xiaobian only spent 15 minutes before the completion of the shoes running-in, it touches very gratifying. Whether it is the earlier Predator series or Ace series after the run-in are a big problem with the shoes, especially the Ace 16 and Ace 17 flagship version of the shoelace models, not two or three games who would say that can wear open ?
Adidas Predator 18.1 FG comfortable to wear also depends on two other new designs, the first is the flexible integrated knit tongue. Instep fabric at the instep of the tongue is not coated with a larger area, better elasticity and toughness, more easy to wear shoes, after wearing it easier to adjust the foot posture, while the package sense is not lost, coupled with the help of shoelaces , Predator 18.1 wearing comfort is very high. In addition, this design also opens the door for high instep players, I believe that trying the shoelace design Predator 18+ is not a problem. Another design is ergonomically designed heel, by the combination of Primeknit fabric material and the membrane structure shows the arc-shaped inward package, the perfect fit to the heel of the player, which is before the increase in the inner side of the sneaker cushion can not be reached Feel the package. The heel of the entire shoe will soon follow the running in the feet after the penetration of your feet, grinding feet heel? Completely non-existent!
Sockfit socks with Adidas Predator different heights before and after are the new elements in the Predator series, of course, from the Ace 16/17 series. To be honest, the new sock really can be called "sock fit" before the Ace 16 socks? loose! Ace 17 socks it? hard! Predator 18 this sock with PUMA evoKNIT socks PK comfort, flexibility, tightness, degree of wrapping are very good, those who want to cut socks EZer, advise you not to oh!